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Why you need a Good Protein Skimmer in an Export Quarantine Holding Facility

What is the most important aspect in the ornamental fish business? There are a myriad of things to consider for the success of any business not just the ornamental fish business. Yet, when talking to retailers, wholesalers and even hobbyist all mention fish quality as the most critical aspect in the trade.

For the hobbyist all they want is to receive the livestock in good condition and for the livestock to survive. They are also interested in keeping their cost down. The retailers need good quality fish to cut shipping costs.

Exporters however, want to increase profitability by shipping out high quality tropical saltwater fish. This is because customers expect nothing less. The higher the quality of fish the higher the customer loyalty rate which directly leads to better profits.

Each aspect of the commercial tropical saltwater fish and invertebrate enterprise is critical in ensuring high quality fish. Fish quality begins in the capture of fish, hence the need to know how the fish you buy is caught. Does your supplier use chemical fishing or hand and net fishing techniques? This is a question you need to ask before taking in a new supplier.

The Importance of a Protein Skimmer in an Export Holding Facility

It is often said that maintaining good water quality is the single most important thing an aquarium owner can do to ensure the health of fish. The better the water quality the stronger the health status of the fish.

The same is also true in holding facilities for exporters. Protein skimmers remove protein and other organic waste maintaining a healthy environment for the fish.



The newly installed Protein skimmer at Kenya marine center

How Protein Skimmers Work

Protein skimmers use the process of chemical absorption to remove organic waste materials from the water column. By adhering to the surface of water bubbles, waste materials are removed out of the water. The water bubbles are formed from the vigorous mixture of air and aquarium water within the protein skimmer reaction chamber.

The created micro-bubbles travel through the skimmer, waste clinging to them are condensed and transported into the protein skimmer collection cup. Protein skimmers allows for efficient mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

The best exporters have invested heavily in good protein skimmers to make sure and keep up the supply of high quality fish. It is common practice to replace old protein skimmers with high modern ones for better efficiency.

A case study is Kenya Marine Center which has recently invested several thousand dollars into a new state of the art protein skimmer and has just completed the upgrade. This is a clear indication of its commitment in the health and quality of fish.

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