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Most exporters of the ornamental fish value numbers, of course in the trade numbers make sense. However, there has been an observable increase in low quality due to the high competition to meet these high numbers. At Kenya Marine Center we value both but emphasize on quality because the latter influences the numbers. Here’s what we do to provide to you quality marine fish.

1: Fishing methods.

  • Traditional Fishing Method

Our traditional fishing ensures our fishers carefully select how and what they want .This causes less damage to the marine habitats where the fish live, Great care must be considered because the fish need to be alive and in good condition in order to travel around the world and must be healthy upon delivery.


  • Diving/ Snorkeling

Divers are restricted to hand picking and to using of hand nets to collect fish and corals.

  • Hand picking

This is usually for sedentary fish, starfish, crustaceans and sea cucumbers at the seashore.

2: Fishing equipment.

Right from the ocean to the aquariums, our fish are handled by the most proficient and modernized equipment operated by very well trained personnel. A lot of attention still has to be paid to the fish amid its transit from the ocean to our aquariums in order to lower the stress levels of the fish to avoid death and disease to the fish.

3: Transportation of the fish.

To promote sustainability, our practice is offshore. The aquariums are located 2KMS away from the ocean. After fishing, the fish are transported to the aquariums using our trucks fitted with the right storage tanks. During shipment, there are special designated trucks that are used to transport fish to the airport from where our airline agents take up to deliver to respective destinations.

4: Aquariums.

Practicing offshore is cost intensive and labor demanding, having qualified personnel who understand the interest of the marine fish is another great boost to our fish quality. Our aquariums are very modernized and maintained with a full length of proper servicing and water flow system for good air circulation and cooling of the aquariums.

5: Quarantine and treatment.

With the guidance of our marine biologist, the fish are checked and quarantined to keep it away from any possible parasites and diseases.

6: Shipment and delivery.

We do not just rely on shipping out a lot of numbers to the market but we emphasize on quality. DoA is a major issue to the industry and one of the underlying factors influencing it is irresponsible shipment and poor delivery procedures. Relying on our client’s reports, most of our marine fish arrive safe and in the expected condition. Even though at the beginning we had challenges with a lot of disappointing reports on DoA, after realizing how important it is to have a proper shipment and delivery system, the DoA reports have reduced and our fish quality is among the best in the world.

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