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Our Features

We have in place a 90,000L tank water system. Our life support system is designed to hold Fish, crustaceans, echinoderms, mollusks and invertebrates. Our big set up enables us to ship out at anytime. Our fish logistics is therefore able to handle every wish of our individual customers.

“Large Holding Facility, Fully equipped to house thousands of species.”

Our big filtration system enables us to maintain the highest water quality and keep supplying healthy African marine fish as well.

Modern skimming equipment

Our all new exclusive marine invertebrates holding facility is stocked up with top of the art modern equipment.

Well-equipped Fish Collecting Department

Our fish sourcing team is fully equipped with modern fishing gear, making their work easy when sourcing to fulfill  your orders.


A snapshot of our soft polyps in holding, ready for export!

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More of our facility

We have well trained staff that observe and care for all livestock as we aim to keep delivering quality fish to our customers. 

Marine Biology at Kenya Marine Center

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"Your quality and colour of your wrasse is awesome, you attention to detail is great, the net caught fish are incredible."
Kevin Wagner
Aquarium hobbyist

Our species are 100% hand-net collected!

Fishing ground to holding facility

After a particularly long, hot morning at sea, divers return to the export facility with their catch and unpack them before they are acclimated in holding tanks. Generally, divers are paid only for the fishes that survive the trip, so they keep a careful eye on them. It is uncommon to see any fish mortality at this stage.

Based on experience, we realize that it is important to take control of the entire fishing and shipping process. We are therefore very hands on; straight from the fishing ground right through to the shipment so as to ensure that only quality product is delivered to you.

“Quality is our

 Kenya Marine Center