Kenya Marine Center

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A Decade+ in the Ornamental fish industry

With over 10 years experience in exporting tropical marine fish & inverts globally, We have made a name for ourselves within the ornamental marine fish industry as being providers of quality healthy fish besides having the most experienced staff, well trained in catching, handling, and exporting African Marine Fish.

We always aim to provide a higher level of product quality and customer service giving us an edge over our competitors as a center of excellence.

Hundreds of species

Top-notch customer service

Quality Repute

Decade+ Years of experience

About Us

Kenya Marine Center (KMC) is an export company that supplies ornamental live fish and invertebrates to the international market. We have firsthand experience and always meet customer satisfaction in providing quality service and the best handling services in all shipments.

Located along the Coastal regions of Kenya in Mombasa City, we enjoy one of the best coral reefs in the African indo pacific waters.

We credit our excellence in providing quality and healthy stock of live fish and invertebrates in all our shipments as well as offer the best freight solutions to all our clients all over the world.

We are confident in the quality we supply because we comply with the strictest handling, shipping & packing procedures. This is coupled with our polished and experienced staff who always ensure high standards of quality are maintained.”

Jochen Federschmied

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  • +254-724-827778
  • Ndune (K) LTD.
    Kikambala, Kenya.
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