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Steady Supply

We have fostered great supply relationships with major importers throughout the world affording aquarium hobbyists a wide range of premium livestock at competitive pricing.

Top-rate Livestock

We have grown to be the largest marine livestock exporter in Kenya and Africa as a whole. We are committed to providing importers all over the world with the healthiest aquarium livestock at pocket-friendly rates.


We understand that as importers, we have a role to play in ensuring the continued survival and growth of the reef ecosystem. As Kenya Marine Center, we do this by showing our commitment to sustainable practices.

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15+ years of experience in the aquarium industry makes us a trusted and reliable supplier. Our Support and Sales team is available to answer your queries

International Supply to the Aquarium Trade

Leading Supplier of Ornamental Live Fish

Established in 2006, we have made a name for ourselves within the ornamental marine fish industry as being providers of quality healthy fish alongside having the most experienced staff, well trained in catching, handling and exporting globally.

Ethically Sourced


Our livestock is wild collected using only traditional, non-invasive and sustainable methods. Allowing for the continued health of the reefs where our livestock are collected from.

*100% net collected

Saltwater Fish

The largest range of quality fish. A colorful distribution of species supplied worldwide.

Soft Corals

Wide variety of beautiful marine flora. We offer the finest soft corals from the Indian ocean coast.


Supply your hobbyists with the best cleaners and maintainers for their saltwater tanks.

Zoos & Public Aquaria

Bulk selection of “big fish” supply to zoos & public aquariums

Sourcing practices


Caring for sustainability of aquatic life and over whole being ethical and responsible, our harvesting methods put into consideration that while we meet the needs of today we also look at the future concerns; renewable not harmful, adaptive and responsive to changes in the environment. Our ethical sourcing prevents adverse impacts to habitats, organisms and even local communities and ensures exceptional care throughout the animal’s life.

Top Rated Fish


Pet fish paradise

Our livestock selection is a collector’s dream. Beginner or seasoned hobbyist, we’ve got the right quality wrasses, tangs, angels and more for your marine aquarium.

Customer Feedback


This is why we do what we do. You are the center of our universe and we love to hear from you. See what our customers are saying.

Rick Scharphof
    Rick Scharphof


    Awesome quality of fish and inverts. Great customer support.

    Jonas Diggler
      Jonas Diggler


      Good Company, top communication, just awesome to have such a good contact for fishes

      Benjamin James
        Benjamin James


        Awesome quality fish. Always seem to be eating and settling in well very fast.

        Angelika Kunstleben
          Angelika Kunstleben


          Dies ist eine exzellente Webseite. Für jeden Aquarianer nur zu empfehlen. Super nette, hilfsbereite Menschen. Macht weiter so.

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