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Ethically Sourced


Our livestock is wild collected using only traditional, non-invasive and sustainable methods. Allowing for the continued health of the reefs where our livestock are collected from.

Leading Exporter

We are a Kenyan Based wholesale exporter of ornamental saltwater fish, invertebrates and soft corals to global regions. Our great rapport with wild fish collectors keeps us at the top having always the best variety of in-season species.

Seamless Shipment

Having accrued years’ experience in shipping aquarium fish to different countries worldwide, we are very adept with the documentation requirements of each destination ensuring you are cleared promptly and smoothly at your port of arrival.

Shop Hot picks

Our livestock selection is a collector’s dream. Beginner or seasoned hobbyist, we’ve got the right quality wrasses, tangs, angels and more for your marine aquarium.
Stegostoma tigrinum
Taeniura lymma
Siderea Picta
Rhinomuraena quaesita
Centropyge Acanthops
Zebrasoma Xanthurum
Chaetodon Semilarvatus
Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Soft Corals
– Soft corals –

Spruce up

with our colourful soft corals

We offer a wide range of hardy soft corals suited for novice reef aquarium hobbyists as well as the more advanced.

Popular Species
– Popular species-

Best Sellers

Aquarium Favorites.

Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Green Chromis, Sea Goldie, Fire goby, Lyretail Anthias, Hepatus, the six-line wrasse, Allard’s clownfish and so many more gems for you to supply.

– Invertebrates –

No Backbone

Interesting, colorful additions to your tanks.

Diversify your tanks with these adorable and somewhat helpful sea creatures. It wouldn’t be a complete aquarium without these little stars!

Public Aquarium
– Public Aquarium-

Largest Species

Rays and sharks galore!

Leading supplier of Public Aquarium livestock quarantined and shipped in the most responsible way.

Top Rated Invertebrates

Add a unique and vibrant element to your aquarium with our aesthetically pleasing collection of marine invertebrates for the beginner and advanced aquarists.
Lybia Tesselata
Uca sp.
Neopetrolistes sp.
Trapezia Rufopunctata
Rhynchocinetes uritai
Stenopus hispidus
Hippolysmata grabhami

Sourcing practices


Caring for sustainability of aquatic life and over whole being ethical and responsible, our harvesting methods put into consideration that while we meet the needs of today we also look at the future concerns; renewable not harmful, adaptive and responsive to changes in the environment. Our ethical sourcing prevents adverse impacts to habitats, organisms and even local communities and ensures exceptional care throughout the animal’s life.

Shop Soft Corals

Immerse yourself into a world of vibrant color, graceful movement, and unparalleled beauty with our exquisite collection of soft corals.
Sinularia Brasica
Sarcophyton sp.
Sarcophyton Erenbergi
Sinularia Mix
Awesome quality of fish and inverts. Great customer support.
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Rick Scharphof
Dies ist eine exzellente Webseite. Für jeden Aquarianer nur zu empfehlen. Super nette, hilfsbereite Menschen. Macht weiter so.
Angelika Kunstleben
Awesome quality fish. Always seem to be eating and settling in well very fast.
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Benjamin James
Good Company, top communication, just awesome to have such a good contact for fishes.
Jonas Diggler

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