Kenya Marine Center is a professional live ornamental fish exporter committed to supply the best quality fishes with the most seamless customer support experience.
Our livestock is  wild collected using only traditional and sustainable methods. *100% net collected 


Livestock for your aquariums

Steady supply relationships

We have fostered great supply relationships with major importers throughout the world affording hobbyists a wide range of premium livestock at competitive pricing.

Dedicated supply of fish & Invertebrates

We have grown to be the largest marine livestock exporters in Kenya and Africa generally.We are committed to providing exporter all over the world, with the healthiest livestock possible at a pocket-friendly rate.

Commitment to sustainability

We understand that as importers, we have a role to play in ensuring the continued survival and growth of the reef ecosystem. As Kenya Marine Center, we do this by showing our commitment to sustainable practices.

***100% Hand Caught Livestock***
We are committed to exporting only livestock that have been 100% collected by hand, using non invasive capture methods. WE DO NOT USE CYANIDE TO CAPTURE FISH!


Dive into our world. 100% hand-net collected livestock

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