We ship worldwide

Our Holding Facility

Kenya Marine Center has a multidimensional state of the art holding facility that incorporates marine fish, invertebrates, sharks and rays as well as soft corals. Our main systems are divided wholly into fish, invertebrates and sharks. This ensures that all our livestock receive optimal attention and care in their respective compartments having specialized caregivers assigned to them exclusively.



The Property

Our Units

Office Building

Our central location from where we administer our live fish export services. Logistics handled here include detailed documentation ensuring shipments are cleared smoothly without delay. 

Transport System

Marine shipments are exported weekly to a number of countries across the globe. Our transport system ensures that we have seamless transfer of ornamental fish from sourcing to airport delivery.

Utility section

Order fulfillment is our top priority; having our very own in-house break down systems ensures that our customers’ import experience is seamless from the get go saving them time and money.