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Highly Qualified Divers
Ethical Harvesting Methods

Our fish and invertebrates harvesting team is made up of highly trained and experienced divers and snorkelers with years of collecting experience under their belt. We ensure that only safe collecting methods are used to collect ornamental fish; we source our fish using only nets, no chemicals are used.

Safety First

Kenya Marine Center is well aware of the dangers of using crude live fish-catching methods on the marine ecosystem.


Use of chemicals is detrimental to the fish; severe internal damage – killing them & their habitat is destroyed as well.

Net collected

To better help conserve and maintain our coral reefs and the ecosystem, we use traditional hand-net catching.

Safe Collection
Skilled Divers & Snorkelers
Advanced Fishing Technology

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Export ornamental livestock worldwide

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Experienced collectors

Our fish harvesting team have years of experience under their belt.

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We only source for species highlighted in our orders – strictly no overfishing


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We take full control of the entire fishing process and our fishermen are under strict orders and observation.

Our divers catch the fish one or several at a time using the barrier nets and scoop nets therein handling the fish from the reef in much the same way as we would remove them from the aquarium. The safe methodology that we use is one of the main reasons that our customers commend us on always providing them with quality healthy fish.