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Frequently asked questions

We have put together a series of frequently asked questions about the Kenya Marine Center process. Navigate the page for any questions you might have. In case your inquiry is not covered in here, feel free to contact us with your question. Thanks.

Most frequent questions and answers

What are your terms of order

  • Price: FOB 
    Payment: Advance payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) 
  • All shipments should be paid in advance based on the proforma invoice.
  • In case of delayed or mishandled shipment from the airline the claims must be immediately reported to the airlines by the consignee.
  • Prices quoted by Kenya Marine Center are F.O.B from Kenya. Prices of products are liable to change at any time without notice and will be advised in our price list or stock list.

What is your packing process ?

  • All specimens are packed in pressurized oxygenated high quality Polyethylene / PE plastics bags double plastics bags of 10 per box.
  • The bags are packed in medium Poly-Styrofoam boxes dimensions 75x42x32 cm (our packing bags and boxes are designed specifically and also based on IATA standard – International Air Transport Association).
  • Our bags are lined with thick Styrofoam which will also be covered with cardboard boxes.
  • One box can carry varied kinds of tropical fish 6 bags/box 21kgs
  • You can see qty of fish for one bag in stock list or Price list.
  • All bags have labels with code and qty of the fishes conformable with invoice.

What is included in the packing charge ?

Heat pack (if included)

Shipping & handling fee

Health certificate

What is your Death on Arrival ( D.O.A) policy ?

We take utmost care to ensure our products arrive in top shape and in our decade plus of experience, our Death on Arrival (DOA) rate has remained below 1.5% in average.

Any fish D.O.A. (dead on arrival) must be reported to our team within 60 minutes of arrival. If your purchase does arrive dead, whether the loss is caused by carrier’s mishandling or by something we have done, we will refund it (excluding packaging and shipping), provided you sign for the delivery on time, and the below procedure is followed:

  • Photos of the livestock should be emailed to us.
  • Never dispose off or return a fish without authorization.

Our guarantee applies to original shipment only, not replacement items. Shipping and box charges are not included in this guarantee and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Our guarantee covers live arrival only. We disclaim any responsibility once the fish is introduced in the tank. To greatly reduce the risk of your existing fish and/or the newly purchased fish becoming ill, we recommend that you quarantine the newly purchased fish for a few days prior to introducing them into your aquarium. This ensures the new fishes’ immune systems have recovered to full strength.

What is your return policy ?

  • We reserve the right to refuse shipment to anyone.
  • Our live stock is treated with the highest possible care.

All live stock is non-returnable

As all our live stock deliveries are arranged with you (the customer) prior to dispatch, you must be available to take delivery of the livestock. Failure to take the collection when it arrives via our chosen courier will void any guarantee provided by Kenya Marine Center.


In case your question has not been answered in our FAQs, please contact us with your enquiry.