Our History

Our Growth Timeline



1st facility - Makuti thatched fish house

In 2006 we built our first facility, a 100m2 Makuti thatched structure run by 2 permanent staff. 

The set up was made up of about 65 plastic basins linked together by a central system supplied by large water tanks and filter material.

Our transport system was made up of only one pick-up truck and we only had a capacity to ship 1 or 2 max shipments per week.


Improved Technologies

We increased our transport capacity by purchasing another pick-up and an additional light truck. We are grateful to have had supportive customers who sent us “Modern European” technological equipment to help improve on our fish quality.

In the same year, our first homepage got established – the first commercial homepage for a fish export station in Africa ever

2008 - 2011


2008 saw us increase the number of staff as business had grown to an average of 12 shipments with supply of 250 boxes per month. Our customers found comfort with us and paid this back with high loyalty. This year also saw us create an image with the branding of our boxes which was a big boost for us. 

In 2009 we extended our holding capacity to a more advanced setting, glass aquariums, skimmers, UV , Ozone; this enabled us to add our shipping average to about 500 Boxes per month. We also purchased a delivery truck which is still in service to date.

2011 saw us add to our station; boats, compressors and  permanent fishermen – independence and sustainability was our aim. 

We Thank You!

Kenya Marine Center attributes its growth to the continued support from our loyal customers who have stuck with us through time and continue to order livestock from us till date. We highly appreciate you! 


2013 - 2016

New office building and chapters

In 2013 we purchased a lot which was to be our new base. The following year after a construction time of almost 7 months; basic settings, a holding Facility of 60,000 Liters was done and up & running.

2015 – 2016 We had some technical upgrades done;  new skimmers, chillers, UV-C Ozone sand filter and so on. On the list was also 3 new delivery and service trucks. The new facility had capacity to hold enough fishes to jump above the magical 1000 boxes per month border. All the success we experienced durin this period, enabled us to build an office building + storage, with the company having grown to a size of 27 permanent staff + 30 part time casuals. 

2018 - Present

All new Invertebrates holding center

We now have an exclusive invertebrates holding center making that two facilities for quarantining our livestock; the fish house and the invertebrates house.  We also have a system for holding big fishes as well. Currently we are in the process of constructing a new storey building; maintenance facility.


Efficiency 90%
Packing 88%
Fish quality 99%
Service Delivery 85%
Customer Support 97%


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