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Tropical ornamental marine fish supply is a delicate field. It entails dealing with live fish which can be vulnerable to various strains like effects of transport on fish stress and seasons of the sun.

But when you study and research well on the correct procedures and requirements for your fish as well as the market then you engage yourself in a routine for such a long time, you gain the experience. To begin with, experience in business comes in various forms which include building a rapport for oneself and the company.  Also indulging and connecting to the right people and associates is also part of experience. With this in mind, KMC is continuously taking part in international trade shows and fairs, actively involving in social media networks which give us open forum to get ideas and critics from all traders worldwide. Also being member ...
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Why you need a Good Protein Skimmer in an Export Quarantine Holding Facility

What is the most important aspect in the ornamental fish business? There are a myriad of things to consider for the success of any business not just the ornamental fish business. Yet, when talking to retailers, wholesalers and even hobbyist all mention fish quality as the most critical aspect in the trade. For the hobbyist all they want is to receive the livestock in good condition and for the livestock to survive. They are also interested in keeping their cost down. The retailers need good quality fish to cut shipping costs. Exporters however, want to increase profitability by shipping out high quality tropical saltwater fish. This is because customers expect nothing less. The higher the quality of fish the higher the customer loyalty rate which directly leads to better profits. Each aspect of the commercial tropical saltwater fish and invertebrate enterprise is critical in ensuring high quality fish. Fish quality begins in the capture of fish, hence the need to know how...
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My 101 list- The Most Preferred Tropical Saltwater Sea Fishes for Aquariums in 2017

Tropical seas and oceans of the world are home to fish, myriad invertebrates, and mammals. The warm waters and the coral reefs provide the perfect environment for many beautiful fish and inverts to survive. The reefs provide natural protection for the tropical saltwater fish. Many adoptions have led to the most bizarre and beautiful creatures making them suitable for your tropical saltwater aquarium. An example is the Stonefish which has evolved to look the way it does. Looking like stone helping it avoid being another animal’s prey. Marine tropical fish are loved for their beautiful colors. The full spectrum of colors and intricate of patterns make them perfect for any aquarium display. The Kenya marine ecosystem is home to more than a thousand tropical saltwater fishes and invertebrates. You can request for a list of fish and inverts at Kenya Marine Below is my 101 list. It consists of fish found on the tropical marine coastline of East Africa.   New Animals ...
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