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How to pack a carpet Shark

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Kenya marine center is the largest supplier of ornamental fish and invertebrates in East Africa. Boasting of a decade worth of fish exports, we have a wide range of packing experience including the packing of sharks. In this case the carpet shark. This is a step by step procedure of packing a shark to survive the “flight” of its life literally.

Step 1

Know the size of the shark as you fetch it. Carpet sharks can grow up to 4 meters long.

Fetching the Carpet Shark inside Kenya Marine Center Facility

Step 2

Prepare the packing box customized with Styrofoam to accommodate the length of the shark.

Packing box with styrofoam
styro 2.jpg

Step 3

Place the shark in a special plastic container, before placing it in the plastic bag filled with water. This is to prevent the shark from damaging the plastic bag that holds its water and packed air.

The Blue container prevents the shark from causing damage
Experience in packing. Holding the shark carefully to injuries from shark bites
shark in water.jpg
Shark in water. Ready to be sealed with air before transportation

Step 4

Fill the plastic bag with air and seal tightly.

Filling the shark with enough air before sealing it in tightly.

Step 5

Seal the box.

Sealing the box
Sealing the shark inside ready for transport. 
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