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My 101 list- The Most Preferred Tropical Saltwater Sea Fishes for Aquariums in 2017

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Tropical seas and oceans of the world are home to fish, myriad invertebrates, and mammals. The warm waters and the coral reefs provide the perfect environment for many beautiful fish and inverts to survive. The reefs provide natural protection for the tropical saltwater fish. Many adoptions have led to the most bizarre and beautiful creatures making them suitable for your tropical saltwater aquarium. An example is the Stonefish which has evolved to look the way it does. Looking like stone helping it avoid being another animal’s prey.

Marine tropical fish are loved for their beautiful colors. The full spectrum of colors and intricate of patterns make them perfect for any aquarium display. The Kenya marine ecosystem is home to more than a thousand tropical saltwater fishes and invertebrates. You can request for a list of fish and inverts at Kenya Marine Center.

Below is my 101 list. It consists of fish found on the tropical marine coastline of East Africa.

New Animals

  1. Snubnose Pompano
  2. Long-finned Rock Cod
  3. Yellowtail Fusilier

Surgeon Fishes

  1. Powder blue tang
  2. Clown SurgeonFish
  3. Spot-Cheeked Surgeonfish
  4. Lavender tang
  5. Convict Surgeonfish
  6. Eyestripe surgeonfish
  7. Epaulette surgeonfish
  8. Desjardin`s Sailfin Tang
  9. Spotted Unicornfish
  10. Orange-spine Unicornfish
  11. Blue Tang – Yellowbelly
  12. Gold eye doctor
  13. Blue-Eye Bristletooth
  14. Lieutenant Surgeonfish

Perch, Snapper

  1. Lyretail Coralfish
  2. Redbar Anthias
  3. Velvet Fish
  4. Threadfin Goldie
  5. Blue Spotted Peacock
  6. Bluestripe snapper
  7. Honeycomb grouper

 Anemone Fishes

  1. Allard´s clownfish
  2. Yellow-bellied Anemonefish
  3. Skunk clownfish

Damsel Fishes

  1. Stripetail Damsel
  2. Chromis half half
  3. Green Chromis Damsel
  4. Whitetail dascyllus
  5. Cloudy dascyllus
  6. Threespot damsel
  7. Gold tail Cromis
  8. Blue Damsel

Hawk Fishes 

  1. Lined Chromis
  2. Arc-eye hawkfish
  3. Black-sided hawkfish 

File Fishes

  1. Alutera red tail filefish
  2. longnose filefish
  3. Blacksaddle filefish 

Blennius, Gobius, Goat Fishes 

  1. Jewelled Rock skipper
  2. Golden-headed Sleeper Goby
  3. Pretty Prawn Goby
  4. Twostripe goby
  5. Leopard blenny
  6. Golden blenny
  7. Radium Goby
  8. Yellow saddle Goatfish
  9. Brownsaddle Goatfish
  10. Blue-dorsal Mudskipper
  11. Cleaner Mimic Blenny
  12. Golden Mimic Blenny
  13. Coral gobies
  14. Mossambicus Blenny
  15. Firefish
  16. Ord.Red yellow stone fish
  17. Pink flasher
  18. Pinkbar goby 


  1. Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse
  2. Bluestreak cleaner wrasse
  3. Yellow-tail Tamarin
  4. Yellow-breasted wrasse
  5. Lined wrasse
  6. Queen Coris
  7. African Clown Wrasse
  8. Queen Coris
  9. African Clown Wrasse
  10. Clown Coris
  11. East African Wrasse
  12. Exquisite Wrasse
  13. Two spot Wrasse
  14. Social Fairy Wrasse
  15. Radiant Wrasse
  16. Adorned Wrasse
  17. Orange-tipped Rainbow Wrasse
  18. Dragon Wrasse
  19. Six line Wrasse
  20. Mystery Wrasse
  21. Carpenter´Wrasse
  22. Sixline Wrasse
  23. Lyretail Wrasse
  24. Brown Bird Wrasse
  25. lyretail Hogfish
  26. Diana´s Hogfish
  27. Bluelined Wrasse
  28. Messmate PipeFish

Pipe Fishes

  1. Blue striped Pipe Fish
  2. Leaf ghost pipe
  3. Star and stripes Puffer
  4. White Spot Puffer
  5. Scribbled Toadfish
  6. Golden Puffer
  7. Golden Stellate puffer
  8. Balloonfish
  9. Yellow Boxfish
  10. Black Boxfish
  11. Black-saddled toby
  12. Peacock Puffer

Angel Fishes

  1. Gold tail angelfish
  2. African pygmy Angelfish

If you are interested in importing fish or inverts from the Kenya marine or the East African coastal region you need to talk to the experts of tropical saltwater fish in the region. Professionals with in-depth knowledge of the fish and inverts in the region and adhere to international best practices in fish handling and packaging. Contact us, one of the largest marine tropical fish exporters and you will be happy that you did.

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