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In any business, growth is determined by the efforts placed on building networks.

Kenya marine center is well aware of this and have resorted to build ourselves a reasonable network with other companies and stakeholders of similar interests.


As a registered member of Ornamental Fish International (OFI), we are connected to 37 other member countries who insist on trading with a purpose of sustaining and improving the state of aquaculture worldwide.

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It is important to note that amongst the 38 countries registered with OFI, only 6 are African countries. Kenya Marine Center is the top supplier of East African fish and our reputation has been built around simplicity and attention to the handling of all fish, invertebrates and corals that we catch. One of the best ways to achieve this common goal is to ensure that we only use hand and net to catch our fish.


There are numerous reasons why we insist on this.

  • Better quality
  • Healthy fish
  • Maintain good customer relations
  • Most importantly is achieving our major objective – “Quality Is Our Commitment”
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