Kenya Marine center takes pride in all its fish more so, all functional fish in the aquarium industry. Last week we featured the Cerithium Caeruleum (black snails) Today we will feature Zebrasoma Veliferum. Notice the algae? round2.jpeg   This is exactly why you need Zebrasoma Veliferum from Kenya Marine Center. This fish feeds on all filamentous algae (This is a generic term for a host of algae common in all types of set-up. Common species include Cladophora, Oedogonium, Rhizoclonium, Spirogrya and Staghorn.) The sail fin tang as it is commonly known is one of the most adaptable fish in a tank. It plays well with other tank mates and usually demands less from its owner. This fish is also bold in nature; resistant to diseases and responds well to treatment should they fall ill. It is a fish that can undergo periods of non -feeding as it stores fats in its body. did u no  
The difference between Zebrasoma ...
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“There is nothing new under the sun”

Someone once told me this to inspire me when I felt all the good things had been discovered and the ocean had no more to offer in to the aquarium business. It was meant to help me look at the “glass half full” as opposed to the “glass half empty” The year was 2008 and my business Kenya marine center was gaining momentum both in sales and experience. I had to offer the market something and my plans for expansion were limited to supply. Truth is I spend a lot of my time learning about ornamental fish, not only selling them but their general welfare; health and adaptations.  So it was not by chance that I introduced the black snails (Cerithium caerueum) into a market that was already flooded with other options. black snails 32
As I think about my company’s milestones, I cannot shelve the thought of my contribution towards improving the ornamental fish industry. The customer satisfaction is what I take pride in as it is comforting to know whenever people think invertebrates, they think o...
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  There has been some misplaced notion that Kenya marine center sells corals. I come to this conclusion by the email requests we get from suppliers placing orders to acquire corals as opposed to fish. Do not get me wrong, Kenya Marine Center as a company will not speculate over the sale of farm corals or not – This is a debate for another time and perhaps another platform. However we must discourage the notion that our selling point is corals. WE SELL ORNAMENTAL FISH and INVERTEBRATES. Yellow Angel.jpg Why, you ask? Government Regulations    Govt of kenya logo First of all, as law abiding citizens we adhere to the rules of the land, and currently the Kenyan government is against the sale and farming of corals. These are reserved in marine parks where tourists interested in snorkeling can visit. Passion Everyone is known for something, Steve jobs was known for technological innovations, Shakespeare was known for his literary genius and many others who prove beyond doubt that passion embedded with the pr...
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