How a Cleaner Can Eliminate Aggression

There is no doubt that a clean environment leads to a relaxed mood and the same case is true in the ocean as it is in real life. The perfect cleaner in this case is Labroides dimidiatus commonly referred to as the blue streak wrasse which specializes in keeping the aquarium free from parasites and extends its services to cleaning other fish too. If you have a keen eye you will realize that in tanks occupied by the blue streak wrasse the fish are usually less aggressive. This is because it offers the kind of service we humans call therapeutic. They nibble parasites from the body, mouth and gills of other fish. How they operate They form a kind of a station and attract larger fish to their stations by making strange, oscillatory swimming movements, and the fish then stops to get cleaned. Wrasses enter the mouth and gill openings and remove any ectoparasites and diseased tissue. Cleaner Wrasse - gills The larger fish not only refrain from devouring these small cleaner fish, but actually read...
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So you want to have better shipments?

If you are reading this it means you have experienced the worst moments as an exporter or an importer when products or services fail to meet delivery standards. As an experienced exporter of ornamental live fish, part of the job requirement is to meet industry standards of quality, and the best way to be sure of this is through customer feedback. Below are # five shipping problems exporters of live fish experience and their solutions #1 Arrival Time Shipping goods across an international platform requires attention and knowledge of different time zones in the world. The best time in this case is the time the client is comfortable with receiving his shipment. However, the burden on the exporter is not only limited to finding a good flight solution but also finding the flight in itself can be a challenge. Most freight companies avoid shipping out live animals and these results to a limited option to choose from. How do you overcome this? Plan with the client and with the freigh...
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Trochus Snail

Fish for thought continues and today we feature a functional invertebrate that will guarantee a clean tank free from most algae common in saltwater tanks. The biggest challenge faced by most hobbyists is keeping a clean tank, especially free from algae. Most articles have addressed this issue but I seek to make it simpler. You need a “cleaning crew”.

This article will feature the Trochus Snail which goes by a lot of names in the aquarium industry. Some of these are: Turban shell, Turban snail, or top shell.

Trochus kabisa.jpg

The Trochus snail has a reputation of being a good eater and it is preferred by most hobbyists as it feeds in some of the most common algae that are known to invade aquarium tanks. They feed on film algae (both green and brown), diatoms, macro algae and to some extent cyano bacteria.

They do well in aquariums that have sufficient hiding places and enough room to forage. In order to keep them in your tank for a longer period adding live rock into your tank will provide...
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