Do clown fish really need Sea anemones? (Symbiotic analysis)

Sea-anemone-clownfish Introduction The amazing thing about the ecosystem is the interdependence between species and their adaptations to the surrounding nature. It is a clear perspective of life. Symbiosis can be easily defined as a relationship of mutual benefit. In ecology however, it is used to define a state of close and prolonged association between two or more organisms of different species that normally benefits both members. This definition drives me to my next point. Classification of symbiotic relationships There are three major classifications of symbiosis: Mutualism- Occurs when both species benefit from the interaction. Commensalism- Occurs when only one species benefits and the other do not gain or lose anything. Parasitism- Takes place when only one species nourishes itself to the disadvantage of the other. In respect to the above definitions, the symbiotic relationship between the sea anemone and the clown fish (Pomacentridae allardi) can therefore be classified under ...
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The Salarias fasciatus (Red-fin, Lawn Mower blenny)

Salarias-fasciatus There are numerous functional fish that I can share with you and in time I will. As for today I will lay focus on the Salarias fasciatus or the Lawn mower blenny as it is commonly referred to. All their adaptation in nature makes them worthy occupants of aquarium tanks as cleaners. They are indeed known to have great appetite for filamentous algae. To begin with, Blennies are generally small fish, with elongated bodies and relatively large eyes and mouths. In nature, they spend much of their time as bottom dwellers and are quite isolated. From time to time they burrow in sandy substrates or inhabit cracks and crevices in reefs. In an aquarium set up the Salarius is considered an algivore (feeding on algae) but in the real sense it is a detrivore with plants only making 15% of its diet.
Note: Detrivores are detritus feeders/eaters. They obtain nutrients by consuming detritus (decomposing plant and animal parts as well as feces).
Salarias fasciatus An average Lawn mower bl...
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