Picture1   QUALITY PAYS BACK Being able to manage quality at KMC has helped us to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. Companies can build a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with a recognized quality standard, such as Ornamental Fish International for Standardization. It has helped us to meet our customer expectations, who expect us to deliver quality products. Failure to which, they will quickly look for alternatives. But we have managed to retain their loyalty for now and future. Quality products make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. They also enable you to charge and maintain pricing. Also, quality has influenced the reputation of Kenya marine center over a long period of time. The growing importance of social media means that customers and prospects can easily share both favorable opinions and criticism of your product quality on forums, product review sites and s...
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 Moving forward, at KMC we believe in quality. And investing in experienced employees is one of our quality control tools. Thus we welcome Mr. Kaingu on board. He has been in this industry for 8 years and still loving it. He takes pride in his job and promises more to come since he says, “8 years is not short. Yet, I still have the energy and ambition to give more to my job, and of course together with my colleagues who we have worked together in other organizations!”

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This is more like I have been there and done it kind of attitude! From his story I can only point out the many advantages of having experienced staff on board;
  • Employees with years of work experience have a better understanding and grasp of the nature of work. They are always easier to recruit, and it is also easy for them to adjust to a working culture, as it just takes one or two days.
  • They also bring in their expertise to the organization.
  • Experienced employees, not old employees,...
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Quality is our commitment” is always our motto.

This has made us stay in business for this long! It is a delicate field dealing with live fish. But when you study and research well on the correct procedures and requirements for your fish as well as the market then you engage yourself in a routine for such a long time, you gain the experience. The specific knowledge of the market and our products has led to being the best supplier of healthy and active fish as well as invertebrates which has given us a continuous growth over the past 10 years.


What we also did was maintaining our high level of standards and quality by sticking to the code of ethics as well as working in line with the authorities.

We talk quality at KMC in reference to the dedication we have been putting in since the last ten years.  From the management to the administration to the fish house staff over the packer to the fisherman folk whole process of getting fish from the ocean to the aquari...

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