Working towards a cleaner, healthier marine ecosystem: International Coastal cleanup

This past weekend, Kenya Marine Center helped coordinate and took part in the International Coastal cleanup that is held on the 15th of September anually. The Kenyan chapter which was divided into different cleanup sites along our entire coastline, recorded a large turn up and amazing team work to help make our environment cleaner and safer for our marine wildlife. The International Coastal Cleanup which saw its inception in 1986 catalyzed by the passion of two individuals; Kathy O'Hara and Linda Marannis, has since grown from just a small cleanup exercise in a small town in Texas to having over 100 countries participate yearly.   Unknown to some, the amount of pollution in our coastal lines especially plastic, has immense effect to our marine wildlife who end up dying as a result of chocking from plastic bags and straws or inhaling harsh chemicals dumped in our oceans. The coastal clean up saw people collect trash, and record data to help track and assist in the elimination o...
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Aquarama: the ultimate marketplace for aquarium and fish-keeping industries 

Launched in 1989 in Singapore, Aquarama is an international exhibition for aquarium and terrarium supplies, ornamental fish and reptiles, garden and pond products. It covers most of the aquarium supply chain and applications (private home aquariums, public aquariums & zoo, etc.). The show is co-located with high level conferences (Aquarama Forum, public seminars), fish competitions, aquascaping masterclass, etc.
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Director’s Statement – Succeeding through the seasonal changes

Dear Esteemed customers,  
From where from you may be, I am certain that you are observing the seasonal changes. Spring has steadily given way to summer and fall will soon follow thereafter. Aquarium industry wise, you may/or not be aware of the ebb and flow that in most cases tend to correspond with the above mentioned seasons. This ebb and flow also tend to affect your purchasing decisions; if it’s not breeding season then the species are transitioning from pre-maturity to adulthood and so on.   Seemingly, when it comes to fish collection, there are often situations beyond our control that causes fish supply to fluctuate wildly each year, with almost no way to predict what will happen in any given year.   One year, can for instance see so many Zebrasoma desjardinii; so much so that we are pushed to halt its collection, while the next can see almost none of these species. This odd phenomenon can be as a result of the shift in weather patterns during breeding se...
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World Oceans Day 2018 | Beat Plastic Pollution

This year's world oceans day was marked with call to action for ocean protection especially against the threat of plastics. Guided by the theme, “Preventing Plastic Pollution and encouraging solutions for a Healthy Ocean,” we took to our shoreline along Kanamai-kikambala for a beach clean up exercise.   Being exporters of ornamental tropical marine fish & invertebrates, we are highly dependent on the Indian Ocean as our fish source and therefore it is vital that we help conserve it and the entire ecosystem. Our oceans increasingly face numerous threats such as climate change, ocean acidification, pollution, unsustainable and destructive fishing practices and the lack of capacities to address these threats. Aside from depending on it for or livelihood, we are committed to helping implement the Sustainable Development Goal 14: conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.   [caption id="attachment_5160" align="a...
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Bi-weekly special offer: Cleaner wrasses

The five species of cleaner wrasses of the genus Labroides are truly an interesting group of fish. While not a unique behavior in the underwater world, their pathogenic cleaning service is quite remarkable.     The typical cleaner wrasse makes its living by nibbling parasites off other fish. A wrasse hangs out at an established “station” on a reef that other fish visit for cleaning. By eating the parasites, the wrasse gets a meal and the client gets a clean bill of health. Everyone leaves happy!     The wrasses in their ‘stations’ clean parasites, dead and damaged scales, and mucus from bony fishes, sharks, and sea turtles that present themselves for cleaning. A number of scientific studies and research attest to the important role these fish play in the health of the reefs. The overall health, size, and even diversity of fishes is greater in the reefs where cleaner wrasses are found versus those without their services.     Where cl...
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Focus on Interzoo: Why we attend

Undoubtedly the world’s largest pet trade fair is underway in Nuremberg, Germany hosting thousands upon thousands of stakeholders in the pet industry. We are not missing out on the action either because we believe trade fairs offer us an incredible advantage of being able to connect in person with our customers as well suppliers of products and services valuable to us. But just how is Interzoo valuable?!   [embed][/embed]   Diversifying into new markets Interzoo thrusts you into a world filled with producers of products, suppliers, distributors, pet enthusiasts; name it! You want it; Interzoo trade fair has got it. The diversity with which this trade fair brings provides many an opportunity to explore and gather knowledge on new fields and markets they would probably be considering delving in. You also get on-ground information and statistics from people; let’s say you want to delve into a new coun...
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10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on aquarium related trade shows

Interzoo is right around the corner, and many are amped up for the event; and why not?! Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or just generally an aquarium enthusiast attending this tradeshow gives you an opportunity to gain valuable experience & knowledge, lots of product exposure, meet suppliers, and lots more. Nothing beats the benefits that a tradeshow like Interzoo (and many other aquatic related tradeshows) has to offer in a short space of time.   Why Attend?   Trade shows serve as a very powerful marketing medium. You not only get to advertise to your target market but also create brand awareness to all significant industry players. As a visitor, you experience the entire industry specific to your interests under one roof. At one go, you can sample a wide array of products and suppliers, evaluate and compare services and products as well as get answers to questions you’d otherwise not get first hand.   Like in all business prospects, there will be some ri...
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Packaging materials for live fish shipping – what do we use at Kenya Marine Center?!

Transportation of fish is a tender loving care process that is needed to ensure fish arrive safely and alive to their destinations. Tolerance of fish to transport is related to their ability to resist or adapt to stressful conditions.   The determinant of a successful shipment therefore lies in the packaging materials used; are the materials watertight, do they prevent rapid changes in temperature and will they withstand handling during shipping?! All the above measures should be considered when settling for shipping materials.   kenya marine center packing bags   A watertight element is most vital in placing the fish for transportation. The packing material should be of the best quality with the ability to withstand temperature changes and not susceptible to expanding at higher temperatures.   Fish bags are made of transparent polyethylene plastic and should be at least 3mil thick to withstand some abuse without leaking. Common “pillow slip” bags have a single bottom seal that creates ...
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