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Love is in the air and we can all fill the ambieSugarcane shrimpnce….


Are the fish also feeling the love? To hobbyists, they are certainly feeling the love. To Traders and exporters it might not be exactly the same, following the space restrictions that are time to time put on shipments by the airlines. The reason is simple; too many gifts being transported to loved ones.  Since I also want to send our African fish to our esteemed customers, I had to come up with better solution to this.

Space restrictions are not only happening during Valentine’s Day but also other holidays in the season of the year. When it is holiday a lot of travel and shipping is done by majority of transportation means. So is with the Airlines. They want to deliver as much love to many people as their possibility.

When one has limited options then, there comes a moment of improvise and coming up with ways that will be beneficial to clients despite the limitations. Especially since our clients are our important part of business.

The love of Reefing

The love of Reefing

On this note, Kenya marine center had to work on the packing ratios where by making sure we limit the weight up to 30% per box. Like a new discovery, our new methods worked and we have successful shipments to all our consignees.


At the end of it, Kenya marine center continue supplying quality African fish in large quantities as the customers continue enjoying happy fish!


Kenya Marine Center wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day to all Reefers, Hobbyists, Aquarists, Traders, etc

Enjoy the Fish Business!!


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