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Getting ready for the cold season (winter)

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Between the months of October and March in to the New Year most places we supply with our quality, ornamental marine fish experience the winter season.  As a result, the drop in temperature has led to cases of fish arriving in stressful conditions and sometimes minor losses or mortality

At Kenya Marine Center (KMC), a solution to this season of the year was to get in the supply of heat packs.

To achieve this noble act we had to stretch our finances because heat packs are very good and useful add-ons in all our consignments to these regions.

“Quality service is our commitment”.

Some of the heat packs yet to be used for shipment

The fish will maintain a standard temperature of 24 degrees Celsius for up to 40 hours and KMC can guarantee quality shipment to all our existing and potential clients.

 There is no investment without expenditure, and as Kenya Marine Center we acknowledge this and invest heavily on the heat packs.

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