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Every exporter who owns a decent holding facility will tell you openly that it is impossible to operate in this business without power. Financial power, fishing power, packing power and administrative power to bring in the sales. Last but not least is the electrical power.

Kenya Marine Center Export Station/ Facility

Today as  I under go my daily routine –  the official Kenya marine center content and image provider – I got to see the holding facility as one big aquarium made up of many small tanks and aquariums literally. These tanks are all under one circulation of water and air.

Kenya Marine Center Facility and Aquariums
Kenya M Facility.jpg
Kenya Marine Center Facility.

I was especially impressed to learn that the water in circulation is the same in all tanks within the aquarium and are changed regularly. This of course is meant to avoid contamination of the water.

The difference between an export facility and a home aquarium is the fact that while a home aquarium houses all fish and invertebrates in one tank , an export facility houses many if not all marine life under one roof but in separate tanks.

water circulation n skimmers.jpg
A series of water skimmers connected together for circulation and purification

Now to my main point.

Electrical power is what keeps the fish alive. Using special appliances, Power helps in circulation of water and air, filtration of water and regulation of heat/warmth.

The water in circulation provides the fish with the much needed air.

“The fish will die in less than two hours if you cut the power supply and stopped the water circulation”.

It also occurred to me that certain parameters are conducive for the fish and they can only be achieved by use of modern equipment which regulate the water temperatures as required.

A water skimmer, for example, will remove waste products from fish, plants and invertebrates (along with other dead organisms or uneaten food) before they break down and compromise the water quality.

Most of these equipment are powered by electrical energy.

So what happens when electricity goes off?

This is a very common occurrence in Kenya and it is why most modern Export facilities should have a back up power generator.

Kenya Marine Center, Acquired one such generator that kicks in automatically in the event that power goes off.

Kenya Marine Center Back up Power generator
Kenya Marine Center Back up Power generator

Investing in modern equipment and power supply is what has sustained the continuous growth of Kenya marine center as a company in the last decade.

“I am always on the lookout for new technology. Equipment that will provide simple solutions to complex situations at relative costs.” Jochen Federschmied CEO Kenya Marine Center.

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