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Kenya Marine center has had a tremendous year influencing change of attitude and perception in the aquarium industry in Kenya. After a decade of hard work and dedication to the business finally, rewards are trickling in from all corners of the world and even at home.

Stakeholders meeting at Kenya Marine Center facilities

Recent meetings with stakeholders from the aquarium industry in Kenya have seen us in the front line for discussions and implementation of a management plan that will see the future of the aquarium business safeguarded.

A visit from the Kenya Marine Fisheries and Research Institute (KMFRI) to our facilities has opened talks to further sustain the exploitation, management and conservancy of Kenya’s fisheries resources.

From Right CEO Kenya Marine Center Jochen Federschmied holding talks with KMFRI government officials. (Center) Asst. Director KMFRI Jacob Ochiewo 

The points in discussion

  • Fishing methods
  • Nursery and breeding grounds for fish
  • Environmental protection
  • Availability of fish
  • Improved image of the industry
  • Employment opportunities amongst many other concerns

As a proud member of Ornamental Fish Industry (OFI) and now a major partner with KMFRI Kenya Marine Center is in the core of the campaign to conserve the ocean reserves by insisting on its message and policy of hand and net fish only.

“Through such platforms and discussions I can say we are on the verge of a breakthrough to finally achieve the true worth of the aquarium industry potential.” CEO Kenya Marine Center Jochen Federschmied.

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