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Why fish and not corals?

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There has been some misplaced notion that Kenya marine center sells corals. I come to this conclusion by the email requests we get from suppliers placing orders to acquire corals as opposed to fish.

Do not get me wrong, Kenya Marine Center as a company will not speculate over the sale of farm corals or not – This is a debate for another time and perhaps another platform. However we must discourage the notion that our selling point is corals. WE SELL ORNAMENTAL FISH and INVERTEBRATES.

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Why, you ask?

Government Regulations   

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First of all, as law abiding citizens we adhere to the rules of the land, and currently the Kenyan government is against the sale and farming of corals. These are reserved in marine parks where tourists interested in snorkeling can visit.


Everyone is known for something, Steve jobs was known for technological innovations, Shakespeare was known for his literary genius and many others who prove beyond doubt that passion embedded with the proper structures is bound to succeed.

But when it comes to matters fish, Jochen Federschmied, CEO and MD at Kenya Marine Center takes his place in the driving seat literally, and Kenya marine center is known for selling African fish. This is best seen in his decision to establish a business of ornamental fish exports in Kenya.

Kenya Marine Center CEO and Managing Director Jochen Federschmied

There is a common saying in Kenya that people who take tea will meet at tea dens and people who take porridge will meet in porridge dens. How true is this statement?  Book readers will meet in libraries and movie lovers will meet in cinemas. Does this drive the point home?

Similarly Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines are known to be home to some of the world’s best coral reefs and if I was a supplier looking for corals I believe I would start there unless proven otherwise by new developments and emerging market trends.


To date Kenya is home to over 300 fish species and is also the richest in African fish species within the western Indian Ocean region dominating Mauritius, South Africa, Madagascar and Tanzania respectively.

Note:  Fish business is entirely on another level compared to coral farming. Fish business requires unwavering attention to detail and care in handling and shipping. Where will all the “pleasure” in doing “business” go to should we start coral farming? Just to sound the obvious, Kenya Marine Center is the leading supplier of Kenyan Fish from Africa and we are only one click away.

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