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Someone once told me this to inspire me when I felt all the good things had been discovered and the ocean had no more to offer in to the aquarium business. It was meant to help me look at the “glass half full” as opposed to the “glass half empty” The year was 2008 and my business Kenya marine center was gaining momentum both in sales and experience. I had to offer the market something and my plans for expansion were limited to supply.

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Truth is I spend a lot of my time learning about ornamental fish, not only selling them but their general welfare; health and adaptations.  So it was not by chance that I introduced the black snails (Cerithium caerueum) into a market that was already flooded with other options.

As I think about my company’s milestones, I cannot shelve the thought of my contribution towards improving the ornamental fish industry. The customer satisfaction is what I take pride in as it is comforting to know whenever people think invertebrates, they think of Kenya marine center. To date the black snails are in almost 90 % of the total shipments I send out in a business year.

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The amazing thing about the black snails is how it attracts sales from countries like the USA (especially Southern parts of the states) a place with similar if not equally dominant local species.

So exactly, why does the black snail stand out to warrant such furore from an expert like me?

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Most reports indicate that the black snails are a hungry lot that will eat all the bacteria especially the notorious saltwater Cyanobacteria from your aquarium. They sound dangerous? I agree, but it’s the kind of dangerous that proves beneficial to everybody who wants their tanks clean.

In my experience, if I was to nominate  the best “cleaner crew” in the world for all aquarium set ups then it will be an easy choice. Cerithium cerium. 15 of these cleaners can clear a tank of up to 300 litres and still demand more bacteria to chew on. They are safe to keep and a must have functional animal for all aquariums.

This year is indeed the year of jubilee and I have dedicated my time to sharing with the people who played a part in all the milestones of my brainchild – Kenya Marine Center – as it reaches a decade since coming to birth.

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