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Kenya Marine center takes pride in all its fish more so, all functional fish in the aquarium industry. Last week we featured the Cerithium Caeruleum (black snails)

Today we will feature Zebrasoma Veliferum.

Notice the algae?


This is exactly why you need Zebrasoma Veliferum from Kenya Marine Center. This fish feeds on all filamentous algae (This is a generic term for a host of algae common in all types of set-up. Common species include Cladophora, Oedogonium, Rhizoclonium, Spirogrya and Staghorn).

The sail fin tang as it is commonly known is one of the most adaptable fish in a tank. It plays well with other tank mates and usually demands less from its owner. This fish is also bold in nature; resistant to diseases and responds well to treatment should they fall ill. It is a fish that can undergo periods of non -feeding as it stores fats in its body.

The difference between Zebrasoma Veliferum and Zebrasoma Desjardinii occurs in maturity. When the zebrasoma dsedjardinii reaches adulthood, the stripes on its body turns to spots but the zebrasoma will retain its stripes even in adulthood. From where I sit, (in Kenya) the “Zebrasoma” is a seasonal fish and its catch- ability is influenced with different weather patterns (often unpredictable).

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