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 Moving forward, at KMC we believe in quality. And investing in experienced employees is one of our quality control tools. Thus we welcome Mr. Kaingu on board. He has been in this industry for 8 years and still loving it. He takes pride in his job and promises more to come since he says, “8 years is not short. Yet, I still have the energy and ambition to give more to my job, and of course together with my colleagues who we have worked together in other organizations!”

This is more like I have been there and done it kind of attitude! From his story I can only point out the many advantages of having experienced staff on board;

  • Employees with years of work experience have a better understanding and grasp of the nature of work. They are always easier to recruit, and it is also easy for them to adjust to a working culture, as it just takes one or two days.

  • They also bring in their expertise to the organization.

  • Experienced employees, not old employees, have a fair idea of work pressures, work cultures, and work ethics. Since they have been there and done that, working comes easier for them than the others. Their years of achievements, failures, trained judgment, and mature sense of responsibility can prove to be extremely advantageous to Kenya Marine Center. This helps in making the work streamlined, and reduces the effort of training.

  • When KMC is hiring experienced employees is because of their ability to set excellent examples for rest of the employees and it works well in favor of the employer. Younger employees look up to experienced and senior employees for advice and guidance. And this helps in setting up a healthy working environment.

  • Discipline of any form is of utmost importance to excel at anything and everything you do. Having disciplined employees with an unwavering focus and dedication towards work can improve the productivity of KMC by leaps and bounds. Disciplined employees also help in maintaining a certain image of the company. It enhances the efficiency, quality and quantity output.

Therefore we at KMC as one of the most advanced exporter of life tropical marine fish are privileged to add such a skilled person to our team so that we can continue giving our customers the best services.

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