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As we approach the slow season, Kenya Marine Center will keep business flowing as usual. For us it will be F‘low’ Season. Our quality services to our clients will not be affected. In fact, we are giving discounts to our customers to keep them on toes and encourage the aquarium industry not to lag behind.

All our Administration, Aquarium and Collectors teams will be on board to give you quality service as usual. We are privileged to have members of staff who have the interest of ornamental fish handling at heart, so going for a break is out of the question. During this f’low season, we will also be rewarding our staff to appreciate them for their spectacular job. Having been with us for ten years, the staffs have shown amazing growth in their experience for handling our ornamental fish and invertebrates.

So this f’low season we do not have an excuse to slow down because every now and then we discover new species of aquarium fish, who we announce in our frequent stock update.

Still we do our fishing traditionally and in an environmental friendly manner to the fishes and there naturally habitat. You will be amazed by our affordable and swift process, quality service in handling and packaging your orders. Remember the ‘fishies’ don’t get low and we do not slow down either!

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