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Live Fish delivery delays due to unpredictable air freight space over the festive season

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December brings a lot of pomp and color all over the world. For Kenya Marine Center however, this means unpredictability of air freight space. The festive season is very commercial which results to increase in shipping of goods across the world as people rush to ensure that their Christmas gifts arrive in time. Furthermore, passengers also tend to carry more baggage than on other occasions –and passenger baggage always has priority – which unfortunately results to commercial cargo being cancelled from flights when there’s not enough space.

Keeping this in mind, we would like to inform our live fish customers that they are bound to experience some shipping delays this month. We are not in a position to guarantee that goods will arrive as scheduled. To ensure on-time delivery however, we plead our customers to kindly cooperate with us by making sure that they plan ahead and make their orders early so as to facilitate early bookings.  Make certain that you also provide the correct descriptions for your orders to avoid last minute changes and therefore delay in shipping.

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences caused. Thanks for your cooperation.

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