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How to acclimate your new salt water aquarium tank arrivals –Floating Method

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  1. Turn off aquarium lights.

  2. Dim the lights in the room where the shipping box will be opened. Never open the box in bright light – severe stress or trauma may result from sudden exposure to bright light.

  3. Float the sealed bag in the aquarium for 15 minutes (Fig. A). Never open the shipping bag at this time. This step allows the water in the shipping bag to adjust slowly to the temperature in the aquarium, while maintaining a high level of dissolved oxygen.

  4. After floating the sealed shipping bag for 15 minutes, cut open the bag just under the metal clip (Fig. B) and roll the top edge of the bag down one inch to create an air pocket within the lip of the bag. This will enable the bag to float on the surface of the water (Fig. C). For heavy pieces of live coral that will submerge the shipping bag, place the bag containing the coral in a plastic bowl or specimen container.

  5. Add 1/2 cup of aquarium water to the shipping bag (Fig. D).

  6. Repeat step 5 every four minutes until the shipping bag is full.

  7. Lift the shipping bag from the aquarium and discard half the water from the bag (Fig. E).

  8. Float the shipping bag in the aquarium again and proceed to add 1/2 cup of aquarium water to the shipping bag every four minutes until the bag is full.

  9. Net aquatic life from the shipping bag and release into the aquarium (Fig. F).

  10. Remove the filled shipping bag from the aquarium   and discard the water. Never release shipping water directly into the aquarium.

Process source: Live Aquaria

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