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Director’s Statement – Succeeding through the seasonal changes

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Dear Esteemed customers,

From where from you may be, I am certain that you are observing the seasonal changes. Spring has steadily given way to summer and fall will soon follow thereafter. Aquarium industry wise, you may/or not be aware of the ebb and flow that in most cases tend to correspond with the above mentioned seasons. This ebb and flow also tend to affect your purchasing decisions; if it’s not breeding season then the species are transitioning from pre-maturity to adulthood and so on.

Seemingly, when it comes to fish collection, there are often situations beyond our control that causes fish supply to fluctuate wildly each year, with almost no way to predict what will happen in any given year.

One year, can for instance see so many Zebrasoma desjardinii; so much so that we are pushed to halt its collection, while the next can see almost none of these species. This odd phenomenon can be as a result of the shift in weather patterns during breeding season and other influences that may directly affect the appearance of the species’ natural diet.

With very little chance of consistently predicting which way fishing patterns will turn out in advance. We therefore have to put in much work to ensure that you our customers understand the situation on the ground and are therein satisfied by our services despite the fluctuations. With that in mind, we hope to further eliminate customer disappointments stemming from not getting some of the fish in their wish list when ordered.

I would therefore recommend that you help us serve you better by maintaining good contact with customer support and simply explaining your requirements as clear as possible, so that they can be able to work on your order and get you the specific fish you need in due time. Thank you!

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