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The coral reefs of the Indian waters are known for its rich diversity of soft corals. The soft corals are a rich source of biologically active compounds as most of them are found to possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and cytotoxic properties.

The dynamic appearance and colouration have also made them important additions in the marine aquarium, particularly in the reef tanks which is gaining lot of popularity the world over. However, most of the soft corals used in the marine aquarium trade are collected from the wild, which in the long run will not be sustainable. The propagation and culture of soft corals in captivity is the only solutionto meet the demand of the hobbyists. The propagation in captive conditions also helps in restoration of degraded reefs.

Despite how promising propagation may seem for sustainable practice, its cost implications and other underlying factors must be considered. Our aquariums are located two kilometers away from the the Indian ocean this is influenced by the robust tourism activities taking place at the coastal beaches of Kenya. In order to maintain almost the exact conditions as required by the species and to obtain the expected results, intensive and integrated techniques have to be implemented.

Currently we are culturing a lot of soft coral species and with the eminent improvement we might increase the size of our aquariums soon. Demands are high for the soft corals and we are still dedicated to meet them.

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