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Export of ornamental fish: Factors to consider

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Exporters and importers of marine ornaments have different experiences regarding shipping issues, some are bad experiences and others might be good experiences. All these depend on a number of logistical and functional structures and procedures entrusted with these experiences.

Our experience as exporters of ornamental live fish, part of the job requirement is to meet industry standards of quality, and the best way to be sure of this is through effective and efficient reaction to customer’s needs.

Below are five shipping problems exporters of live fish experience and their solutions:

  • Arrival Tim

Shipping goods across an international platform requires attention and knowledge of different time zones in the world.
The best time in this case is the time the client is comfortable with receiving his shipment. However, the burden on the exporter is not only limited to finding a good flight solution but also finding the flight in itself can be a challenge. Most freight companies avoid shipping out live animals hence limited options.

Plan with the client and with the freight agents in time and advice the client in due time of the options available and the best way forward. Be in total control of communication from the time the shipment leaves your hands to the time the client receives it.

  • Shipping Capacity

Sometimes floodgates open and the sales and customer service desk receive a lot of buzz from prospective clients giving their orders. This is usually not a bad thing as it is always an exporters wish to have more clients. However, this can turn out to be an exporter’s nightmare if not carefully handled. As stated before, the problem lies with airlines that are not willing to undertake shipping of live animals. This can be a headache to an exporter, in bid to assure of perfect customer service.

Networking, good relations and conducting target-marketing strategies aimed at airlines. A good marketing team will ensure that you always find accommodation on all popular flights. Having a professional team around you will always yield results.

  • Size of Shipments

The size of shipment is a motivating factor to all exporters; large shipments are commerce friendly to the three parties; exporter, client and the freight company. The reverse for smaller shipments, the exporters is always advised to encourage the client to increase their size of shipment

  • Poor handling of shipments

Upon receiving a shipment, every client expects their order to arrive in perfect condition, if not then a series of blame games might emerge and the freight company might incur other charges for damages. Repeated mistakes should me considered keenly and maybe a change of the involved freight company could be a better solution. It is upon to the best interest to provide excellent services as required by the client.

  • 100% fulfillment of all orders

The exporter should be at a position to deliver the order from a client; there is no fair grounds for this argument. Disappointments might erupt mistrusts and disloyal issues, which are very fundamental in this industry. Before a client orders any product from the stock-list, the exporter should be a position to notify the client any absentia from the stock-list. There is no necessity of allowing a client to order what you do not contain.

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